Ornament Collection #4

Where do I even begin? I can't believe we're already on part four of my ornament collection series. Time is really going by fast this month and it has been a busy month for me as well. I feel I have been trying to dedicate as many hours as I can to work on posts for this month. Next week is already Christmas and next Monday will be my final ornament collection post of the year. I still have a lot more ornaments I want to share with you guys but I'm beginning to run out of time so I might just begin packing a lot more ornaments per post. I'm so happy to hear that so many of you have been enjoying this series so without further ado here is part four of my ornament collection!
Beginning today's post with a favorite of mine. A couple of years ago I saw this cute little whimsical reindeer on a couple of friends' Instagram accounts and I fell in love. Per usual, I was on the hunt for this little lady and searched as many Target stores in my area. Finally, online one Target stated that they had only one of this ornament left in stock and I thought with my luck I'd never find it. Once I arrived I searched everywhere and as I was about to head out I found it! The very last of it's kind. This year you can find her all over the place with good reason isn't she the cutest? I'm tempted to get another one of her because I love the magical vibe I get from her.
Guess what? I have another Alice in Wonderland ornament to share with you guys! I hope you're not hating all of my Alice pieces cause most of them are my favorite so let me tell you what I love most about this specific one. This ornament is from Disneyland and I purchased her about four years ago. I love Holidays at Disneyland. I love seeing all the characters in their little winter attire so when I saw this ornament of Alice in a glittery long-sleeved dress and scarf I needed to add it to my collection. It's such a cute ornament and on the side of her traditional black bow headband, she has a little mistletoe! How adorable! Truly magical and goes perfectly with the Christmas tree.
This next ornament isn't one I bought but was given by my best friend Imelda. A couple of years ago for every gift, she DIY'd unique little mason jar lid ornaments. I was obsessed with the idea when she told me this is such a fun and thoughtful idea, I would even love to do something similar to this one day. I was so happy when I saw that she gifted me this rustic-inspired ornament with twine all around the lid, a lace ribbon, and a baby deer in the middle. I love me a whimsical rustic style! You have to check out the other ornaments she created, they're all so creative and made with love.
The following two ornaments are from Disneyland and are the character inspired heels which they have tons and tons to choose from. The first one up is the Alice in Wonderland inspired heel. I love ornaments like these because they are so detailed. Alice's heel is blue with scalloped trimmings around the shoe. The strap is black with a few red stones to incorporate the Queen of Hearts and on each end of the strap, you will see a rose, one red and one white. If you haven't already noticed the heel of the shoe is none other than the Chesire Cat's infamous striped tail. And the final detail on this ornament is Alice's signature on the bottom of the shoe which I don't think I captured a well enough photo of it.
Next is the Queen of Hearts inspired heel and this one if my favorite of the two. It's so detailed from the deck of cards pattern on the inside of the shoes, and the entire shoe is completely inspired by her dress. Even her crown is on the very top of the shoe. Just like Alice's ornament the Queen's signature is also on the bottom of the shoe which you can better see below.
Now for the next three ornaments, they are all the same only different colors. These are felt matryoshka ornaments from Target four or five years ago. I already mentioned one of my previous ornament collection posts about how I love Russian dolls. When I saw these are Target I was so excited because I had never seen anything Russian doll-related at Target let alone some super adorable ornament like these ladies. I purchased quite a few of these for my tree and have a total of six. I purchased two extra ones which I sent one to a good friend of mine who also loves matryoshkas like I do and the other I have hanging inside my car. I can't get enough of them.
Now for the final ornament of the post is this Platform ❾¾ ornament that Rudy and I picked up as our souvenir from our recent trip to Universal Studios. Rudy and I, mostly me, was on a hunt to take home a Harry Potter ornament because we never took one home with us on any of our previous trips to Hogwarts. When I saw this ornament I knew it was perfect because of how simple yet classic it is. Surprisingly, this is one of my first HP ornament and I don't know what took me so long. I do look forward to adding more bit of HP into my tree through the years.

I need to know what is your favorite ornament that you have on your tree? Do you own any of the ornaments I've shared throughout this series? Until next week when I share my final batch of collection for this Christmas season.


  1. I am in love with the Platform 9 3/4 ornament, it's so cute and elegant! I need it! I'm so happy you still have the ornament I made you! Making those ornaments was time consuming but so much fun. Thank you for including it in your post, it make me feel special!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Thank you, that was one of the nicest ornaments they had. There was one that Rudy and I loved a tiny bit more but it was thirty dollars and I couldn't bring myself to spending that much on a single ornament. I love that ornament you made me and I even had it hanging in my room after Christmas was over. I want to think of ways to make personalized ornaments similar to this. I love diying!



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