Ornament Collection #3

Welcome back to part 3 of my ornament collection series! In today's post, all of the ornaments I will be showing you will consist of nothing but Alice ornaments. I figured since I own a lot of Alice ornaments why not dedicate an entire post of nothing but ornaments of her. This post will consist of some of my favorite Alice ornaments. I'm going to keep this intro short and sweet, so let's begin!

The first ornament in today's post is the very first Alice in Wonderland ornament I started collecting. I believe I purchased this in December of 2007 or 2008. At the time Disney rarely released Alice in Wonderland merchandise and one day while Christmas shopping at the Disney Store I spotted this lovely ornament. I remember the day so well still. I was so ecstatic when I brought it home and it still remains to be one of my favorite ornaments. Alice is sitting down holding a teacup with the Mad Hatter and March Hare on each side. I feel this is one of the famous images of the threesome. On the back of the ornament, you'll find the backs of the two and the Mad Hatter holding a stack of teacups. very typical of him.
This is the newest addition to my collection. I purchased this Alice in Wonderland Artist Series Sketchbook ornament on Black Friday and it's a limited edition Lithograph set. The artwork from this ornament is by the artist Steve Thompson, and it is number two of five ornament and lithograph sets in the Sketchbook Artist Series. I'm so obsessed with this gem since it's unique from all of my other ornaments. There are hidden Mickey's cutouts, and contains characters of Alice, Queen of Hearts, Deck of Cards soldiers, Cheshire Cat in the back of the ornament, and the Dormouse that can be found on the Queen's shoulder. Such a lovely piece to add to my collection and perfect for any Alice in Wonderland lovers out there!
Oh, this is a fun ornament. Here is another Disney Store find and it is Alice in the "woods" talking to the Cheshire Cat while he's up on top of the tree, probably up to no good. I adore how detailed this ornament with the signs scattered on the tree. "This way" or "that way" and even "up" and "yonder". Every time I look at this ornament I think of the time that Alice met the Cheshire cat for the first time and wasn't very helpful in what way she ought to go.
I know I'm going to be saying this about a lot of different ornaments but this Alice ornament is one of my favorites! This is from the scene where Alice is trying to get through the door to go after the White Rabbit. She drinks a bottle marked "drink me" to shrink to get down to the right size to get through the door. This is such a simple ornament but it's so cute! I really like that the drink me tag is also included in this ornament.
Lastly, in this post is an ornament I found on eBay two years ago. I'm sure when this ornament was released or from where. It looks like it's definitely a few years old. I like looking at eBay for vintage Disney ornaments. What I like most about this ornament is that Alice is holding a gingerbread Christmas tree cookie. That gave it an extra Christmas feel to it and again very unique to all the other ornaments in my collection.

How did you like the ornaments in today's collection post? Which was your favorite Alice ornament? I still have a couple more Alice ornaments to share, but that's for another day!


  1. OMG, that Queen of Hearts ornament is stunning!!! I also really love the Alice holding the Gingerbread, its so unique.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Isn't it? I'm loving that ornament at the moment and it came with a print that I need to frame!



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