It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, PINKMAS! I am back with another Museum Of Ice Cream post and a lot sooner than what I intended. In early November Museum Of Ice Cream surprised us all with a new Holiday spectacular where they transformed the MOIC we all know and love into PINKMAS for a limited time. I was thrilled when I heard about this and didn't even hesitate to purchase tickets for myself and Rudy. Every single room got decked out with Christmas decor it was truly magical. Today I want you to join me as we sing with carolers, get lost in a sparkling pink forest, walk through a wondrous light show tunnel, and of course join the unicorns in a groovy disco dance-off!

Immediately as you enter the museum you are greeted by all these stunning pink and white giant Christmas trees. It is such a beautiful sight! It feels just like if you're in a forest. As you follow the trail it takes you to the famous wall where it's a must to snap photos in front of! 
This was one of the things I was most looking forward to. The Ornament swing! How pretty are those red ornaments hanging up top? Truly magical next to the sparkly walls!
Every once in a while new carolers come and sing some of the most classic Chrismas music. They're really good too! 
In this booth, you are able to create your own MOIC ornament. You get to write or draw whatever you want and then hang it on some of their Christmas trees. Here's the one Rudy made.
How pretty did they decorate the sprinkles pool? It's filled with sparkly trees and beach balls that resembles peppermint candies!
The decor in the mint room is unquestionably one of my favorites! In the center of the mint leaves, they added a few red ornament balls making them look like mistletoes! How creative is that?!
The rainbow room was my other favorite room. It was truly perfection adding disco balls everywhere the light reflecting off them made the room even more colorful and fun.
We had so much fun walking through this light tunnel, this was where the gummy bear forest was.
In the cherry on top room, they were serving some wintergreen cotton candy. I wasn't the biggest fan of it but Rudy loved it.
At Marye's Diner, they served us some white hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. This hot chocolate was delicious and it wasn't just because it was pink.
In the final room, you're given a candle to make a wish and then decorate it anywhere on their wall.
Thank you for joining me in this pink filled Christmasy post. I hope you all have a Happy Pinkmas!


  1. OMG! This is sooo cute! I really want to go. I'm actually pretty impressed with the decorations they're subtle but adorable.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Right! I was expecting a lot more from all the teasers they were putting out but I was still impressed. Such a lovely experience you guys need to go!



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